Chatham Kent


Chatham-Kent is an ideal community to grow up, raise a family, and enjoy into your retirement. With many amenities, services, and activities for people of all ages, living in Chatham-Kent is a choice.

Chatham-Kent is home to many amenities to make daily life convenient and meet you and your family’s needs. There are many resources for families in Chatham-Kent, including affordable childcare, health services, and a variety of school options, each with various programs for children and youth to enjoy. The Chatham-Kent Public Library (CKPL) has eleven branch locations across Chatham-Kent, connecting families and adults with information and events.

Students in Chatham-Kent have access to quality teachers and programs at all stages of their education. Adjusting to a new school and new academic system can be challenging, especially if you are not studying in your first language.

Locals of all ages and interests enjoy year-round options for entertainment and recreation. With the access to nature and the increasing number of gyms and yoga studios, there are plenty of opportunities to make friends and stay fit. You’ll also find a vibrant arts and culture scene with many galleries, theatres, and museums across Chatham-Kent.

Chatham Kent
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